The bible and your beliefs.

    In the past few days I’ve been, lets say chatting, to quite a few Christians online. And as usual quite a big topic in these chats has been the bible and its validity,especially centered around the extraordinary claim that it is divinely inspired. This is a topic which I have always found quite interesting, mainly because of the wide array of opinions I have encountered on the topic. I’m going to try outline how I view this particular topic.


    The way I see it, assuming the judeo-christian god is real and he did interact with the writers of the bible, we have 2 options when considering it.

  1. The bible is wholly and completely the word of god.
  2. Parts of the bible are the word of god, whilst others are the product of man.


    Now to me both of these options are unacceptable and I’ll try to explain why as easily and concisely as possible. While doing this I’m using a generic definition of what god is, this being that god is an all knowing and all powerful being. I’m not interested in whether or not he is all loving or merciful etc. as many people claim.


    So lets start with the first option, “The bible is wholly and completely the word of god”. Now this option I find to be heavily flawed as it requires us to believe that this all knowing and all powerful god would not only decide that the best time to have direct interactions with us was during the iron age, when we had just barely begun to understand how to use iron let alone have any chance of understanding a god. It also requires us to believe that god could be wrong about certain things in the bible or that he could not prevent those he tasked with recording his word from being wrong. Both of these are hilariously flawed as for either to be true it would make it impossible for god to be all knowing/all powerful.


    Option 2, “Parts of the bible are the word of god, whilst others are the product of man”, I feel only needs one point to be considered. If only parts of it are gods word,and other parts are purely the product of man, how can you know which parts are which? How can you know for sure that what you believe (that homosexuality is unnatural for example) is one of the divinely inspired parts and not just the opinion of an iron age, goat herder?



    Now this is obviously all just my opinion but I do believe that these are things you have to consider if you’re going to live your life by the teachings of the bible. And especially if you plan on dictating how others have to live.




9 responses to “The bible and your beliefs.

  1. The basis for your argument is that God can’t be God because he doesn’t act the way you think he should.

    There is nothing in the universe, including God, whose existence depends on whether or not it comforms to your person opinion.

    The rise of Western Civilization, the greatest, most advanced civilization in human history was powered by Christianity.

    Unless God had revealed himself during the “Iron Age,” as you put it (other atheists put God coming to Earth during the Bronze Age), Christianity would never have developed.

    And there would have been no Western Civilization.

    And we would all be living in total barbarism or under the boot of some King or Kalif.

    • The basis isn’t that he doesn’t act the way I think he should,it’s that an all knowing being is incapable of being wrong or giving incorrect information unless he lies(which incidentally directly contradicts the basis of the presuppositional apologetics argument). It also doesn’t speak to whether god is or isn’t god.

      • Alan,

        Next, you sit yourself on the Judgement Seat and pass judgement on God.

        An all-knowing being cannot be wrong.

        So the atheist, ever humble declares himself all-knowing and declares that God is wrong.

        And for being wrong, the atheist sacks God of His right to exist.

        Again, being right or wrong has nothing to do with existence.

        And as a finite being you have neither the authority nor the knowledge to judge God.

    • We did live in total barbarism for more than 1000 yours – under the boot of some King, until we finally found out that we didn’t need no, no thanks to religion. While you are right, it’s not about god behaving like you want it, your idea that without Christianity everything would have been worse is quite absurd. It’s wishful thinking, nothing more.

      Anyway, the bible IS self-contradictory and full of errors, so if the author has a hidden agenda that we don’t see, then it’s really hidden well and has brought much suffering into this world.

      • Mutant,

        Yes, thanks to religion.

        Here is a quote from Article III the Northwest Ordinance of 1787:

        “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”

        Yes, the Founding Fathers believed in the critical importance of religion to human happiness and the necessity that it be taught in school to every American child.

        This is also proof that the atheist idea of the separation of church and state is total nonsense.

      • Let’s start at the beginning. I know, you like authority, but that doesn’t make an argument valid just because someone said so.
        And quote mining? Really? Isn’t that a little bit pathetic? Ìf that’s the best what Christianity has to offer, I really look forward to an atheistic future.

      • Mutant,

        Citing original, authoritative sources is what scholars do.

        Conversely, atheists declare themselves authoritative and thus cite themselves and other atheists.

        And that, as any educated person knows is a logical fallacy. One cannot declare himself an authority and then cite himself as the authority behind a rational argument.

        Yet that is what atheists do as a matter of habit because at its heart atheism is totally irrational.

    • 1) Science is based on taking observation, making data, and forming a theory.
      A) The basis of your argument is correct. But, his thinking is based in the theory of
      causations, NOT that his observation doesn’t apply to his ‘idea’ of a god!
      B) Everyone has a theory of stars and how they move, some theories are accepted
      more than others. If you take the most widely accepted, and view a star that is
      moving contradictory to your theory, you must conclude that it either is not a
      star or that your theory is wrong.
      C) He, bases his life off, time and time again, proven theories. God, can not, and
      will not, be accepted by any true scientist without interconnected web of proven
      experiments, data, and observation. NOTHING that you obtain!

      2) The greatest civilization was powered by hate, greed, and fear!
      A) The Native Americans were nearly killed off, almost, if not entirely destroying
      their culture.
      B) African Americans were used as slaves to shotgun us into a producing nation.
      C) These facts of American power demoralizing his brother and sister, all so the
      nation can survive, by destruction, can go on and on for days. Is this, the
      Christian power you speak of?
      D) America is great nation, in the fact that we have many rules safeguarding
      our freedom, mostly the freedom to intelligence. And, thus far, science has
      brought all of our technologies. The aggregate of scientific theories leads to
      agnosticism and atheism!

      3) Your idea that all of our great makings would not have come about without Western society is no more mind boggling than it is utterly ignorant of all societies throughout the world. Knowledge is an aggregation of past, present, and future thinking, an evolution of ideas, building greater and greater towards an unknown precipice.

      Check out my website at!

  2. Ha! Very good points well made mate! The idea of the bible still being accepted today is just bonkers. Not just today, but since the 20th century! It is so flawed, that it becomes absolute malarkey. I mean, if it is ALL the word of a god, why get humans to write it? Wouldn’t it just magically appear? And why would this god allow so many versions and sects of the same religion, let alone different religions, to even exist? That one fact alone made me disbelieve. Crazy myths passing on horrific traditions in this day and age….

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