The almighty block bot!

Before I get into it, for anyone who is unaware of what the block bot is, it’s a twitter application that compiles and implements a shared block list for anyone who wishes to use it. The block bot’s F.A.Q. explains its function and use reasonably well.


Anyone who has followed me on twitter for more than a few days is going to be relatively familiar with my opinion on the subject of the block bot but for those who aren’t, here it is; In my opinion the block bot, as it is currently, is an utterly ridiculous program run by people who are far to sensitive for their own good. And while yes I understand the reason behind the original concept for it, I think the block bot as it currently stands is so flawed that the term “even a broken clock is right twice a day” is being generous.


As it stands more than 1300 people are on the list for the block bot and whilst some of them may indeed deserve to be blocked, a large portion of those I have seen added to the list have been added for trivial reasons. An excellent example being @jen_august, someone I consider to be one of the most reasonable and rational people I have met. She found herself on the list of those to be blocked and the only reason I have ever seen provided is this tweet.

I myself am on the list for tweeting this. That tweet was in relation to a comment made by an admin of the block bot concerning rape. Instead of anyone giving an answer, one of the admins used the tweet as an example of harassment(the person it concerns is not even tagged in the tweet as I did not want them feeling harassed) and I was added.


Other examples of trivial addition to the list could be provided but they are generally the same thing over and over again,usually following the pattern of; someone connected with the block bot, someone disagrees with them, they are accused of some form of -ism/-phobia and reported to the bot.


The block bots current incarnation is little more than a blacklist. I would take no issue whatsoever with the bot if it were run in a way that seemed even remotely fair but as it is currently it appears to be nothing more than a system for ignoring anyone who might have a different opinion than their own. If twitter were a playground,the block bot would be the equivalent of “we don’t like you, you can’t play anymore”.


5 responses to “The almighty block bot!

  1. I like the response:

    “the word cunt actually did trigger her PTSD on its own, let alone being called a cunt as an insult. Hence she tries to avoid situations where people will be calling her this, to protect her mental health.”

    She tries everything…except for, you know…not being one.

    • You don’t know who I am talking about BTW … Nice display of humanism though, person has PTSD from childhood abuse and you mock them O_O.

      Do you think it’s funny being abused as a child as a general rule, or just people you have othered?

  2. Remember guys, online abuse can not only trigger, but actually CAUSE PTSD! /sarcasm
    What can you really say? Trolls will be trolls. They just happen to be trolls with higher morals…or something. I guess what I’m trying to say is FUCK EM.

  3. I was put on the list for being Anti-sex trafficking and one of the block bots’ main mods is a known pimp : These are the sexist, racist people behind the block bot. I am a private account, yet they targeted me for not wanting to join in protecting pimps. These are mostly young men with mommy complexes that wish all the chicks too old for them would go away from twitter and facebook. They keep making new accounts to spy on women and target them for harassment and want to tell all people what to think and silence women that wish to add to conversations with a different opinion, including lesbians that dont accept male bodied people as lesbians to have sex with, they are called bigiots for being gay, these people are homophobic toward gay females for not wanting penis.. Block bot is homophic to gay females and mostly sexist young men with a few females that desparatly want to be in the ‘in’ crowd. The block bot is also censorship of people’s voices, and misogyny hiding behind trends, double speak and a crowd of a few people deciding who you should follow, and what you should think to be accepted. You can find this person along with the ‘gang’ on the mod list and I suggest blocking every last one

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