Donating to podcasters and those in need.

I have absolutely no problem with people looking for donations for producing content for others to enjoy. I don’t even care about the quality of the content you produce, people will donate what they feel the content is worth and that’s fine.

I also have no issue with someone looking for financial help to support their family, things are difficult for many people and that’s an unfortunate reality attached to the times we live in. But whether you like it, or even accept it, the simple fact is this: if you’re asking for those kinds of donations then you make your finances, what you’re spending money on, public business. The people who consider donating to help you, even if they are only considering giving you a once off donation of $1, have a right to know where that money is likely to go. If you have a problem with that then, like it or not, it’s fairly reasonable for those people to assume you’re doing something underhanded. Don’t get defensive when you’re asked where the money is going or has gone, it makes you look like you’ve done something with it that you know is wrong.

If I were to ask you to donate money to me that I won’t be paying back, you every right to ask me where that money is going to go and why. You also have the right to ask how I afforded any recent trips or purchases I may have made.

This is a very simple concept and it’s one that, if you’re going to ask for donations to support your family, you really need to accept sooner rather than later.


One response to “Donating to podcasters and those in need.

  1. I agree. I’ll also add that anyone that ‘helps’ any cause bears the responsibility for their own due diligence investigation. If one is uncomfortable with any aspect, they would be wise to withhold assistance. Nobody is being forced to contribute…. Nor should anyone be gullible enough to take uncorroborated hearsay or the word of anonymous strangers on the internet as gospel. Skepticism… always a good idea.

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