It’s all about consent.

With the recent court rulings in Oregon and Pennsylvania overturning the ban on same sex marriage and finally giving people the right to marry the one they love regardless of gender, it felt like a good time to write a little piece discussing homosexuality. Particularly the misconceptions surrounding, or just deliberately ignorant arguments against, homosexuality.

Homosexuality is found in many species of animal, unfortunately homophobia is only found in one: humans. And I have never heard a rational argument to justify a person’s homophobia, especially not one that could possibly justify the creation of laws against homosexuality or same sex marriage. Instead what I have heard is misconceptions and deliberate, out right ignorance of facts.

“It’ll lead to…”
I’ve seen people try to employ the “slippery slope fallacy” many times when attempting to argue against homosexuality. This is a fallacy for a reason, accepting homosexuality as natural(which it is) will not lead to society accepting or legalizing pedophilia or bestiality. The main reason these are not, even remotely, comparable to homosexuality is one very simple word: consent. Children or animals are unable to give consent to engage in sexual acts or marriage. An adult on the other hand can, and has the right to do so. What two consenting adults decide to do in private is of no concern to anyone other than those involved in the action.

“It’s mentally and emotionally harmful.”
There is no evidence to suggest that being in a homosexual relationship is any more or less mentally and emotionally harmful to an individual than being in a heterosexual relationship is. The only “evidence” I’ve ever seen someone try to use to support this position is religious text, and not even effectively done so at that. This is not credible evidence and it certainly is not a reason to pass laws prohibiting people from being with the ones they love. After all the teachings of Islam are not used to prevent non muslims from consuming pork or alcohol, so why would it be ok to allow the teachings of Christianity to prevent consenting adults from being in a relationship or marriage with the person they love?

“It’s not natural.”
For something to be considered “natural”, in the sense it’s used to oppose homosexuality, it must simply occur in nature. Homosexuality does occur in nature. Homosexual behavior has been observed in many species of animals outside of our own(and yes, like it or not, humans are animals).

“Anal sex is physically harmful.”
This is a particularly stupid argument that I’ve seen a few times, but I still think it needs to be addressed. I’m not going to discuss whether anal sex is or isn’t harmful as it is actually irrelevant. Ignoring the fact that heterosexual couples can, and do, engage is anal sex it again comes back to one simple word: consent. Even if a sexual act can cause harm to one or more of the participants that is not as reason to outlaw the act so long as all parties are consenting to the act, and are of legal age to do so. This is a very simple concept, yet some people seem to struggle with it. A good analogy is that of a boxing match or UFC fight. When done without consent both of these activities would be classified as assault, but when participants give their consent it is different. This is because of “bodily integrity”. We, as people, have the right to do with our bodies as we see fit.

There are really only three reasons why people oppose homosexuality:

1) Religion says it’s wrong.
2) They find it “icky”.
3) It stirs feelings they didn’t know they had and that makes them uncomfortable.

None of those are reasons to pass laws against it, or limit the rights of good people who are not heterosexual. They are simply your issues and it’s not up to anyone else to pander to them.

It is all about consent!


5 responses to “It’s all about consent.

  1. Sexual reproduction is the result of evolution and has as its purpose the production of genetically robust offspring.

    Homosexuality therefore is an obvious sexual disorder since it is no open to reproduction.

    In fact, homosexuality is just one of the infinite number of disorders that plagues the animal kingdom.

    Our human rights and our equity is based on our human nature. Male and female is human nature.

    All gay people are either male or female and that means they are endowed by their Creator with the same rights as everyone else.

    But marriage is not a human right. Marriage is the union of a man and a woman which is consistent with human nature male and female.

    Consent is irrelevant and so is love.

    • Marriage was once nothing more than a social contract, often arranged to further a family’s social or financial status. However it has since evolved, currently the main reason people marry is for love and as such everyone has the right to marry. Gender is irrelevant.

      And if your defense of “traditional marriage” is going to have anything, in the slightest, to do with the fact that homosexual relationships don’t have the ability to spontaneously produce offspring then you are also saying that anyone incapable of having a child(due to sterility) can not marry either.

      Consent is far from irrelevant, but thankful the world is beginning to realise this and we are moving away from bronze age thought processes like the ones you seem to be employing.

      • Alan,

        Marriage between a man and a woman is the nurturing core of the family.

        Since everyone is the result of some sort of family it is not surprising that marriage is a social contract.

        Nevertheless, for civil society to function best, it must be ordered to human nature.

        Therefore, the idea of gay marriage is an absurdity because it does not reflect human nature which is male and female.

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