Kill yourself!

Sadly some people still think it’s perfectly acceptable to go around telling others that they should kill themselves. And I may not be in the best place to say it’s wrong, I have previously(to my great regret) told a person to “do the world a favor and step out in front of a bus”. I was wrong to say this, regardless of what kind of verbal torment they sent my way.

That being said, I feel it’s important people realise just how harmful telling someone to kill themselves can really be. Even if you argue “oh it’s just strangers on the internet” it doesn’t justify it. The fact that you’re telling a stranger to kill themselves means you don’t know what they are dealing with in their life or how a person telling them to commit suicide may affect them.

I know from experience that had somebody, even a stranger, told me to kill myself a few months ago when I was in the depths of my depression I likely would have done it. I know that sounds stupid, after all who cares what strangers on the internet think you should do? But the thing is, if someone is in a mental state where they are considering killing themselves then they aren’t thinking logically. If someone is suicidal, telling them to kill themselves is just reinforcing the idea in their head that they should die.

People like @Maymaym, who recently told 16 people in 1 night to kill themselves, could be doing massive harm to people they don’t even know. Please don’t end up like Maymay, thinking that what you say online is harmless, you have no idea how you’re affecting the people you interact with.


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