Everyone’s going to hell…even the Klingon’s!

Well it seems it’s bad news for Worf. Not only is he routinely stripped of his honour but now, according to the almighty Ken Ham, he’s going to hell too! Bad day to be a Klingon.

Apparently America should stop funding the space program because Ken Ham doesn’t believe intelligent life exists anywhere but on earth, though when it comes to judging “intelligence” I wouldn’t be inclined to ask Ham’s opinion. Ham seems to ignore the fact that looking for extra terrestrial life isn’t the sole purpose of the space program. But even if it were the main goal of NASA, they also have many other goals.

Ham is upset about the amount of money that is spent on the space program, obviously we should give all the money to him so he can build an ark. I mean why bother learning about our universe or about the incalculable number of stars and planets that exist outside our miniscule corner of our tiny galaxy in the ever expanding universe? We should just be building giant crosses everywhere and blindly worshipping the imaginary friend of bronze age goat herders! He didn’t actually mention the crosses but I’m sure he was thinking it.

Ham seems convinced that the bible says life doesn’t exist anywhere but on earth, though it also says bats are birds and slavery is ok so as it stands we probably shouldn’t trust the bible. But even if life does only exist here, who knows what could be found on other planets? For all we know the solution to global warming or a never ending energy source could be found on another planet. Honestly even if we don’t find anything, the potential benefits of space exploration far outweigh the monetary costs involved.

I for one would like to see even more money put into science and space exploration, I wanna meet a Vulcan dammit! But maybe Ken has got a point, maybe we should stop looking for extra-terrestrial life? At least temporarily, I mean do we really want to subject another race of sentient beings to the likes of Ken Ham and Ray Comfort? Come on people, that’s just evil!

For those interested, here’s a link to Ham’s piece.


One response to “Everyone’s going to hell…even the Klingon’s!

  1. The mankind is not intelligence. If it is, its priority behavior should have protected the habitat, but, it is not. Because, first vital aim of any kind of intelligence species on planet Earth is protect own habitat. Ants, dolphins, bees, elephants, even vultures protect habitats. Only human beings is trying to destroy the habitat. The mankind, who has got only ability of solving problem and a couple neuron connections more than the other species, thinks that “I am a intelligence and superior kind”. The mankind should be a cosmic joke.

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