Answers in Genesis hate Ice Buckets!

So the last time I wrote about something that had come from the holier-than-thou charlatans over at “Answers in Genesis” it was responding to some harmless stupidity from the mind of Ken Ham, the main charlatan himself, and as such I tried to keep it as lighthearted and comical as possible. However that may not be the case this time around because, to be frank, they’re just being dickheads now.

In recent post for “Answers in Genesis” by Dr. Georgia Purdom, the good doctor seems to suggest that you should avoid doing the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” or making a donation to the charity because in their research they use methods which are “violating biblical ethics”. Because we should definitely take our morals and ethics from a book that says rape victims must marry their rapists.

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. For more information please visit

In her post, Dr. Purdom states that death and disease are “intruders into God’s originally perfect creation, and we are right to work to reverse the effects of the Curse brought about by man’s rebellion”, because obviously god is far too busy being all knowing to bother being even a little bit compassionate and helping out with that kinda stuff.

Dr. Purdom’s main point of contention, and actually possibly her only one, is that some of the research currently being done to find a cure for ALS is being done using stem cells, specifically embryonic stem cells harvested from aborted fetuses(Dr. Purdom likes to call them children, most likely to elicit an emotional response). I think it’s fair to assume that Dr. Purdom is pro-life, if not her argument here makes even less sense than it does currently.

Her argument appears to be that it is unethical by biblical standards, try not to laugh too hard at that, to use stem cells from aborted fetuses to perform research in the effort to find a cure for this horrific disease. And you know what? Maybe it is unethical to perform abortions solely for the purpose of harvesting these stem cells but what Dr. Purdom neglects to mention is that that’s not what is being done. It’s not like there’s a black van driving around and kidnapping pregnant woman so they can perform an abortion on them. What is happening is, essentially, researchers are making the best of a bad situation. Abortions are going to happen, no matter how hard people like Ken Ham talk to themselves in an effort to stop it, this is a fact of life. At least if stem cells from these abortions are being used to try find a cure for ALS then something good is coming from what pro-life people view as a loss of life.

I’m sure if the worst were to occur and someone that Dr. Purdom loves were diagnosed with ALS her opposition, to a cure that may be found through research on embryonic stem cells, would quickly become a thing of the past.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is helping raise both money and awareness for an excellent cause and I personally hope it continues to do so.

To Dr. Purdom:
If you feel we should live by the teachings of the bible that is your opinion and your choice. With that being said, I implore you to remember the teaching of 1 Timothy 2:12. You don’t wanna go pissing off Yahweh, I hear hell is a bitch!


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