Antonio Martin’s death

I’m not happy a man is dead, and anyone who is happy is a stain on humanity. It breaks my heart to think what his family must be going through right now.

That being said I feel the following must also be said:
All indications are that Antonio Martin pointed a gun at a police officer. And while a black man being killed by American police officers is, sadly, not a rare occurrence these days the gun is an important factor here.

Maybe the officer who shot Martin is a massive racist, or maybe he is just a man who was doing his job when he was confronted with a situation that made him fear for his life. I don’t know, and I’d bet money that anyone reading this doesn’t know for sure either.

I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had a gun pointed at me, most people haven’t, so I don’t know how I’d react. And while I truly wish the officer had acted in a way which wouldn’t have cost anyone their life, I can’t say I would have done anything differently. And unless you’ve been in that situation, neither can you.

Also, while I don’t know much about the training American police officers I will accept the premise that many have put forward: they are trained to deal with these situations in a nonlethal way.
That may be true but it’s also important to understand that in life or death situations instinct can play as much of, if not more of, a factor in how you react than any training you may have received.

Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin.
These people were 100% innocent, they did not deserve to die.
Antonio Martin raised a gun and pointed it at a police officer.
He didn’t deserve to die either, but he was not innocent here.


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