An ode to Islam

The religion of peace strikes once more,
This time leaving thirteen dead,
It’s time we admit it’s a festering sore,
Get this peace crap out of your head.

No I won’t respect your belief,
Not until it respects humanity,
Until then we get not relief,
So I’ll call it what it is: insanity.

This is not Islamophobia,
It’s not some kind of racism,
I don’t at all fear ya,
You’re just a barbaric religion.

Allah’s great prophet was a pedophile,
Allah himself is nothing short of vile,
Will these truths earn a fatwa for me?
Now there’s something I’d like to see!


Dreams: As yet unexplained…

Why is it you occupy my mind?
A way to keep you out of my dreams,
That’s all I want to find,
I’m so tired of waking to whimpers and screams.

It’s not your fault of course,
You’ve no control over it,
From where does this pain source,
Clearly my mind is unfit.

They’re beautiful really,
The dreams I mean,
So often we have a family,
It’s something I wish you could have seen.

I hope to be asleep soon,
I wonder if you’ll be there tonight,
But listen to me sounding like a loon,
I’ll just curl up here out of sight.