Insanity is catching.

Insanity is catching,
And so here we are,
I’m losing my mind,
But it probably won’t get far.

Madness is contagious,
You should stay away,
I’m going crazy,
A little more every day.

Lunacy is spreading,
Soon we’ll all diagnosed,
Oh won’t that be a sight,
A world of the deranged.


Within lies your strength.

Trust in the power within,
Her strength is yours as well,
Everyday she fights for you,
Raising you above the pain,
I know the struggle you feel,
And I know you will conquer it,
Never doubt your strength.

This is your cross.

This is your cross,
Your burden to bear,
But you are not alone,
We can share it’s weight.

This is your fight,
Your war to wage,
But I’ll stand by your side,
I’ve won this battle before.

This is your struggle,
And it’s one you can win,
Your strength knows no limits,
It is the strength of two.

This is your cross,
A burden you can bear,
You’ve beaten it before,
And you will once more.

All the world’s a stage.

All the world’s a stage,
And on it I’ve played my part,
I’ve been the hero,
I’ve been the villain.

In this theater the show is life,
And here we have a role,
The one we were born too,
The one we will die from.

But I will perform no more,
I’ll no longer play this part,
I’ll give no encore,
For this is not my script.

All the world’s a stage,
And now I shall take my bow.

At a concrete moon.

There was more once,
A source of strength and power,
Another side to me,
A better version than this.

Now I’m alone in this shell,
The other side is missing,
Gone from this life,
Stolen away into the night.

Standing here it’s gotten dark,
An eerie stillness surrounds,
The forest hides it from sight,
A darkening remnant of something more.

I would give so much to have it back,
To bond with that side again,
To feel the strength course through me,
To be whole once more.

It’s hard to watch,
As the beauty fades,
The silver orb darkens,
It’s power becomes lost.

And now I sit here,
In a darkened room,
Howling at a concrete moon.

The shadows.

The shadows are creeping in,
I can feel them,
The darkness they bring,
Such a clouded gem.

The shadows are swirling around,
Everything is getting hazy,
This never ceases to astound,
Is this how it will always be?

The shadows are never far away,
They’ve become a part of me,
Always making everything so grey,
I suppose this is another twist in my story.